Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Celeb with Twin.....

These adorable little girls arrived in February 2007 much to the delight of Marcia Cross and her husband Tom Mahoney, twins Eden and Savannah..

Again twins Eden and Savannah..

Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts is so proud of her twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus..

Again, Julia with twins..

Songstress Diana Krall and husband Elvis Costello added ‘parents to twin boys’ to their long list of credentials in December 2006 with the birth of their little ones. Dexter and Frank, now nearly two, were the final twin celebrity babies born in 2006..

The 61-year-old Al Pacino became father to Anton and Olivia in 2001..

Jennifer became mother to twins, Max and Emme when she was 38..

If only Elvis Presley knew that he would have become a grandfather to cute twins Finley and Harper..twins of Michael Lockwood and Lisa Marie Presley..

Sean P Diddy Combs and his girlfriend Kim Porter welcomed their twins into the world in December 2006.. twin girls D’Lila Star and Jessie James, named after their grandparents..

Brad & Angelina introduce twins Knox Leon dan Vivienne Marcheline..

Ricky Martin, single dad to twins Matteo and Valentino (born via gestational surrogacy)..

Ricky Martin's twins again.

Twins Leya ini, Aza Ameena Muhd Ashraf & Asha Ameena Muhd Ashraf.

Twins Ziana Zain, Muhammad Ariel Armin Zaharin dan Siti Nour Kaseh Armin Zaharin..

LAST BUT NOT LEASE Twins Shakina, Muhammad Arman..n Muhammad Aryan ( wah bila aku jadi artis...ekekeke hahaha )

Ramai kan celeb hollywood tu ada anak kembar...... tapi dia orang tu ada duit..ramai yg buat IVF..di malaysia mungkin ramai yg tak mampu...tak pe la..sorang ke dua orang ke tiga orang ker...kita kena bersyukur ngan apa yg ada kan..bukan semua orang bertuah memiliki insan bernama ANAK kan....

Celebrity bollywood ada tak ? hihihihi

**sumber diperoleh dari FB GROUP 'DIANUGERAHKAN KEMBAR'


Anonymous said...


Tentu seronokkan jika punya kembar?
Si cilik kembar tentu menghiburkan...

KINA said...

mmg best + penat tapi berbaloi2..hehehe